Dark chocolate 77% walnut

Description: In this bar, we have revealed the taste of walnut and combined it with delicate and fragrant Criollo cocoa beans.
Dark chocolate and crunchy walnuts together provide not only a wonderful taste, but also benefits for the body:
⁃ stimulate mental activity and improve memory
⁃ increase the production of endorphins and relieve stress
⁃ improve intestinal flora and contribute to the overall health of the body

Contains: cocoa beans (Criollo), muscovado sugar, walnuts (16%), cashew nuts, cocoa butter.

Contains nuts

Net weight: 30 g

Energy and nutritional value per 30 g:
Energy value - 960.22 KJ, Kcal - 229 | Proteins - 4.2 g | Fat - 18.6 g | Carbohydrates - 11.9 g | Glycemic index - 6.1 | Glycemic load - 2.3

The minimum content of cocoa products in the chocolate mass is 77%.

Storage rules: Store at a temperature of (18 +/- 3)°С and relative air humidity not higher than 75%, without direct sunlight, in a dark place.

Expiration date: 6 months
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