Dark chocolate 55% with black garlic and black truffle

A new flavor of chocolate that will give you a stormy combination of flavors!

Get to know each other! Our line of chocolate bars is complemented by dark chocolate 55% with black garlic and black truffle.

This is a real special edition from our chocolatier chef. A taste unlike anything you've tasted before and will appeal even to those who are indifferent to black garlic and truffle.

We asked our chef-chocolatier how he would describe this bar:  "At first you feel the bright taste of black garlic (a little sour and reminiscent of prunes), but the chocolate itself is very delicate from Dominican cocoa beans with a hint of smokiness, and the aftertaste in the chocolate is a bright black truffle ".

Composition: Criollo cocoa beans, muscovado sugar, cocoa butter, dry coconut milk, black garlic (11%), truffle paste (4%), truffle oil (3%), Maldonese salt with truffle, vanilla stick "Bourbon".

Net weight: 25g

Energy and nutritional value per 25 g:
Energy value - 591.13 kJ, Kcal - 141 | Proteins - 1.47 g Fats - 9.23 g Carbohydrates - 13.05 g Glycemic index - 6.75 Glycemic load - 3.5

The minimum content of cocoa products in the chocolate mass is 55%.

Storage conditions: Store in dry, clean, well-ventilated rooms that do not have extraneous odors, are not infected with pests of bread stocks, at a temperature of (18+\-3)°С and a relative humidity of air not higher than 75%

Shelf life: 8 months
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