Help for Ukraine!
We are happy to help Ukraine! 

Almost a month after the invasion of Ukraine began, we made a decision to support our country, support Healthy Choice, support each of our employees and, of course, be as helpful as possible!

Healthy Choice donated products to the International Committee of the Red Cross (which protects and supports victims of war and other situations of violence) for more than 350,000 UAH, and then our idea was picked up by organizations, entrepreneurs and kind people.

We have teamed up with a team of volunteers and every day we prepare for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and TEROBORONA in our production.

Every day we donate about 500 servings of nutrition bars, as well as 250 servings of biscuits.

We have already produced about 2 tons of products and handed them over to the official organization of the Red Cross, which was further engaged in distribution and delivery.

We work tirelessly so that our defenders can smile pleasantly at the sight of something delicious.

All of us who are present at the production site today, yesterday or tomorrow, unanimously believe in victory! The fighting mood of Ukraine is felt, and we are also related to this. We send light into every serving of cookies so that our heroes can destroy the darkness, we send our faith into every bar so that our heroes have the strength to defend Ukraine.

We are sure that now in Odessa, as in every city, there are no strangers, but there are our own, relatives.

We are indestructible, Ukrainians are indestructible, so we continue our work: to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine and TEROBORONA.

Thanks to everyone who helps with products or work in our production.

Peaceful sky is quite close - we believe! Ukraine will triumph! Together we are the power!

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