Natural and healthy chocolate Healthy Choice quivering aftertaste of rare cocoa beans - this is what is perfect for a gift, compliment to a client or promotional material.

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We always welcome collaborations, interesting projects and feedback from our clients.
We brand for you:
  • Mini chocolate bars
  • Candy sets
  • Buckwheat tea
  • Fruits in chocolate
  • Coconut caramel
The best conditions for our partners.
We always welcome collaborations and interesting projects.
The best corporate present from the manufacturer Healthy Choice.
  • Our products contain only healthy ingredients without additives and GMOs. Your client will receive a tasty, and most importantly - a useful gift. This is an indispensable way to show your concern and distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Natural chocolate activates the hormone of happiness and this effect will be associated with your brand.
  • A branded gift speaks of the stability and prestige of the company. Any selected product from our range - with your logo and contacts.
  • Sweet, without harm to health - this is not a myth. We produce only tasty and healthy products that will definitely be appropriate and suitable for a gift to all your customers and business partners.
Gifts with taste and benefit from the manufacturer Healthy Choice.
Everything is perfect: from the naturalness of the compositions and the refinement of taste - to the design of tiles and product packaging. Your brand on a unique chocolate bar - no problem. We can print your logo on the packaging, on the chocolate bar itself or on a pretty ribbon. Endless opportunities for our partners.
Top popular ways to use
our products in business:
Gifts for clients
Bonus to an order or service. Loyalty boost guaranteed.
Gifts for partners and employees
Maintaining the corporate spirit with benefit and taste.
Business offer
Send your offer along with a delicious bonus and the result will not be long in coming.
Complement the main gift
Our mini products are great for a main gift or addition.
Promotional products
Remind about your brand whenever possible.
Edible business card
Your contacts will be recorded and remembered for sure, receiving a portion of taste as a bonus.
Reviews and recommendations
Leave an application for partnership
We are always glad to collaborate, interesting
projects and feedback from our clients
st. Novoselskoho, 110
Odessa, Ukraine

Monday-Friday - from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday, Sunday - day off
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