Children's Day with gifts from Healthy Choice
is not just a project, but something more important.
​​Annually, on June 1, Ukraine celebrates the day of protection of those who need it most - children. Every little person deserves care, attention and love, but, unfortunately, not everyone gets it. We are talking about those who are deprived of parental warmth, for various reasons, and live in special institutions, such as: baby homes, orphanages, boarding schools.

Knowing this, we simply could not stand aside, because our hearts are full of love, and our products are proof of this. In every bar of chocolate, in every gram of tea, we put all the best and healthiest, which will definitely please those who look out the window in the evenings and look for familiar faces. We decided to send our goodies to orphanages all over Ukraine and thus, at least for a minute, make every little or special child happier. Our products contain only natural and healthy ingredients that can be used by children of all ages.
We started preparing for the implementation of the project a month before the Children's Protection Day, to which we wanted to time the shipment, and, as you understand, the task was not an easy one. The goal was to make 7,000 chocolate bars, 300 truffles and 600 bags of buckwheat tea. There was not much time, but with each finished chocolate bar, we understood that we had made the right decision. There were days when our production was running 24/7, but our energy was in full swing, imagining the joyous, perhaps even toothless, smiles of the little recipients.

While part of our team was selecting the best fillings for truffles, the other half was negotiating with those who were ready to receive and pass on our gifts directly to the children. A week before the scheduled date, with trepidation, the list of recipients was ready:

  • Regional specialized orphanage (Sumy)
  • Regional boarding house (Vinnitsa)
  • Training and rehabilitation center "Gnezdyshko" (Vinnitsa)
  • Orphanage №2 (Lviv)
  • Children with Down syndrome (Odessa)
  • Orphanage "Solnyshko" (Odessa)
  • Boarding house for the disabled (Odessa)
  • Orphanage No. 1 (Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Odessa region)
  • Center for Social and Psychological Assistance (village Troitskoye, Odessa region)
  • Regional orphanage (Novograd-Volynsky, Zhytomyr region)
  • Pugachev psycho-neurological boarding school (Korosten, Zhytomyr region)
  • 30 low-income families (Kyiv)
  • Orphanage for girls with cerebral palsy (Kyiv)
  • Svyatoshensky orphanage / boarding school (Kyiv)
  • Center for psychological rehabilitation for children (Kyiv)
  • Rehabilitation center "My family" (village Khotov, Kyiv region)
  • Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children (Kyiv)
  • Orphanage (village Mokrets, Kyiv region)
  • Orphanage of the family type "Nadezhda" (village Mokrets, Kyiv region)
  • Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children "Kovcheg" (village Pushcha Voditsa, Kyiv region)
  • Children's House No. 1 (Bila Tserkva)
  • Boarding school No. 1 (Gulyaipole, Zaporozhye region)
  • Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of Children (Kharkov)
  • Orphanage No. 1 (Polonnoe, Khmelnytsky region

On the appointed day, all parcels were sent to their destinations, and we could not sit still, waiting for feedback with photos and videos from our recipients. When the first photos began to arrive, even our brutal courier Sergey ???? shed tears of joy. Lively emotions and the feeling that today the smiles of those who really need them sparkled. And here are those photos:
The Healthy Choice team thanks each and everyone who worked with us on this project and wishes each small and special heart to become the meaning of life for someone❤️
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