Cocoa beans Criollo
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The mood “I want a chocolate bar” is a feeling very familiar to all of us, which is better to satisfy with a high-quality and useful product in order to combine business with pleasure.

There are many ways to recognize a quality chocolate bar among others, but the most important one lies in the information about cocoa beans, from which, without modesty, a world-class dessert is made.
We would like to tell you about the cocoa beans that we use in the production of all the chocolate that we have in our assortment. Exactly what brings, in truth, useful and tasty happiness.

Drum-roll… On the stage - cocoa beans Criollo - we give them the first and honorable place, among all the beans existing in the world. They form the basis of Healthy Choice products and prove quality by feedba
A bit of history with geography:

The Criollo variety comes from Venezuela, where the climate contributes to the emergence of a special taste and aroma. They have virtually no bitterness compared to other popular varieties, and their characteristic delicate taste always highlights and expresses their peculiarity.

The variety is considered elite and is the progenitor of all subsequently bred cocoa varieties. It is worth noting that Criollo accounts for only 5% of the world market, which, flawlessly, makes it exclusive and premium. Cocoa beans of the variety we have chosen are, without exaggeration, the most delicious and healthy. They contain a storehouse of vitamins and antioxidants, of which there are more than two hundred and thirty.

Having visited the tasting, we did not doubt for a second that our choice was correct, because everything we do for you is an unambiguous combination of benefit and taste. We transport cocoa beans directly from the plantations in order to preserve all the properties and give you the opportunity to enjoy the taste to the fullest.
Having tried our chocolate once, you will forever remember the peculiarity and unsurpassed quality of Criollo cocoa beans. Just go to the "products" section and choose the one that you like the most.

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