Eat less - try more.
The cure for autumn blues is now always with you
Remember the times when chocolate was considered not the most useful product for our body? And there were reasons for this - many popular chocolate brands added palm fats and emulsifiers to products without thinking about the health of their consumers, and, unfortunately, continue to do so until now.

But in recent years, the worldwide movement of manufacturers towards healthy eating has fundamentally changed the attitude of scientists and doctors to chocolate. Now it is recommended to use it daily, because it brings a lot of benefits - but only natural, without cheap impurities.
Property of natural chocolate No. 1
A study by German scientists showed that eating 20 grams of chocolate per day reduces the risk of myocardial infarction and stroke by 39%. Just imagine!
Property of natural chocolate No. 2
Cocoa beans, which are part of natural chocolate, can reduce inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and pacify coughs. An emergency remedy for a sore throat is a piece of chocolate with warm tea or a cup of hot cocoa. A must-have for autumn.
Property of natural chocolate No. 3
The next property of chocolate is simply impressive. An experiment conducted over 60 years has proven that the introduction of products with cocoa beans into the regular menu prolongs life.

How can chocolate affect the aging process?
Scientists claim that cocoa beans neutralize ultraviolet radiation, protect the skin from adverse external factors and balance blood microcirculation. Ultimately, chocolate improves the appearance of the skin and helps maintain youthfulness. That's the news, right? Very happy for us.
Property of natural chocolate No. 4
But we will live not only long, but also .. happily.
Certainly! After all, chocolate can cheer you up and make it easier to cope with difficulties. Even a small piece of natural, high-quality chocolate can prevent depression by increasing the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

And psychologists confirm this. They found that people who are under stress consume half as much chocolate products as compared to their more cheerful acquaintances.

Well, now chocolate can legally lie on a shelf next to vitamins :) Or maybe even in a purse, in case of stressful situations or just a desire to treat yourself to something sweet.
Now let's find out in what quantity it is better to use this product?
20-25 grams per day is the optimal rate according to scientists.

At the very beginning of our journey, before the creation of Healthy Choice, we talked a lot with nutritionists, consulted, and even then we knew that in our line there would be exactly those ideal bars of chocolate that do not need to be weighed, worrying about exceeding the daily allowance, because their weight corresponds to the ideal daily and for this we especially love them.

And because we adhere to the philosophy of "Eat less - try more", we have developed so many chocolate flavors so that everyone can choose their favorite, take the bars with them and enjoy with health and figure care.

We always listen to feedback about our product. And here is what nutritionist Dr. Tolstikova wrote about Healthy Choice:

“Such a cool idea - chocolates of 20 grams. This is a savior for the sweet tooth! In 1 such chocolate bar there are only 100 kcal, instead of sugar - maltitol, that means, there is no sugar at all. Made with quality cocoa beans and a glycemic load of just 2.8 per portion. The right approach to creating healthy products“.

Ekaterina Tolstikova
Natalia Silina
We are glad when we see you on the streets, in shops with natural chocolate. Glad you are taking care of yourself. Inspired to create new healthy sweets and drinks. Tag us on Instagram, and we will delight the most active sweet tooth with gifts.

Do not deny yourself useful pleasure! Choose what your heart desires and enjoy every piece of chocolate, every moment of our amazing life.
With love and support,
Healthy Choice ❤️
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