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Did you know that copper helps to maintain youth, beauty and vigor? Lack or excess of copper in the body immediately affects the state of health. Low levels of this element can lead to problems with concentration, irritability, and reduced stamina.

In addition, with a lack of copper in the body, we run the risk of acquiring a bonus card in a pharmacy and becoming a frequent guest of medical institutions.

In this article we will tell you how else copper affects our well-being and where it is found :)
Role in the body №1
Copper preserves youth and beauty.

Copper takes part in the synthesis of collagen, which is necessary for the formation of the protein framework of skeletal bones. Therefore, instead of budgetary masks or creams with collagen, it is much more useful to eat a couple of pieces of dark chocolate, nuts or avocados.

Copper is also essential for the maintenance of healthy cells, skin, hair and nails. Therefore, it is very important to monitor what we feed our body on a daily basis.
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It's no secret that the strength of blood vessels decreases with age.

But, we can slow down the aging process of blood vessels by eating foods that are rich in copper.

You have a question: how are copper and vessels connected? The answer is very simple: it is copper that promotes the formation of elastin, which makes up the inner layer (framework) of blood vessels.

In addition, by adding copper-rich foods to the diet, we prevent the development of osteoporosis.
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Copper helps fight infectious diseases.

Copper keeps our immune system in a state of active "readiness" to resist dangerous infections. And now it is more relevant than ever.
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Copper is of great importance for hematopoiesis, it is one of the elements that synthesize erythrocytes and leukocytes. Have you noticed how girls have an increased appetite for chocolate during menstruation? Now there is a scientific explanation for this. There is a lot of copper in chocolate.

In addition to hematopoiesis, copper is also involved in the transport of iron. And this will prevent each of us from developing iron deficiency anemia, and also promotes deep, calm breathing.
Role in the body №5
Chocolate tan thanks to copper.

While we sunbathe, copper becomes less and less in our body. And we probably don't even know about it. During tanning, copper is actively used by melanocytes, thereby creating a deficiency of this trace element in the body, if it is not consumed in the right amount.
And how much is this required amount?
According to scientists, we need to consume 900 micrograms of copper daily.

Pregnant women need more of this trace element - 1000 mcg per day. For nursing mothers, you need 1300 mcg.

This is necessary, since the body does not produce iron on its own, but receives it only with food.
A quite obvious question arises: how to understand that there is not enough copper?
Copper deficiency can be caused by frequent dizziness, feeling very tired, tinnitus and heart palpitations. But of course, it’s better to always keep your finger on the pulse and systematically check the level of trace elements in laboratories.
How to fill the need of our body for copper?
Probably, you now thought that we would talk further about nutritional supplements, but no.

We mentioned above that copper is a key constituent of collagen, our main structural protein. There are a lot of “collagen for skin health and beauty” supplements on the market today. They are very actively sold, but in this form, collagen is poorly absorbed by the body.

It is much more effective to fill the body's need for copper with the help of food:
The best sources of copper are beef liver, shrimp and crabs.
Immediately after them are seeds and nuts, mushrooms and of course chocolate, as well as cocoa.

100 grams of dark chocolate contains 1800 micrograms of copper! This is 196.2% of the daily requirement. Incredible, right?

What is the best way to consume these foods?

We recommend doing this in the form of snacks with different products.

Just imagine, and during the day you can eat shrimp and nuts while watching your favorite movie, and then enjoy tea with Healthy Choice chocolate in a pleasant company :)

With such a diet, every day of your life will be wonderful!
With love and support,
Healthy Choice ❤️
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